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Decoration colors

We produce decoration colors for the temperature range of 580 – 1280 °C. The field of application covers glass, enamel, ceramics, Bone China and porcelain decoration. It is important for us to make products of constant quality available for our customers in the long term.

Excellent characteristics of our decoration colors are among others

  • High color strength and gloss
  • Great tolerance in temperature and chemical durability
  • Optimum grain size distribution

For each decoration color we set a valid standard with the following permissible variation in color:
Individual values delta L, delta a, delta b < 0,8 and delta E max. ± 1,6

Color seriesApplicationTemperatureData sheet
AG 33
Onglaze780 – 900 °CPDF
Onglazeleadfree760 – 900 °CPDF
Inglazeleadfree1000 – 1260 °CPDF
Inglazeleadfree1000 – 1260 °CPDF
G 60Glass
580 – 630 °CPDF

Decoration colors made by IZAWA

Several years of experience and products of constantly high quality are characteristic for the IZAWA Pigment Co. Ltd.
We are their official distribution partner responsible for Germany, Czech Republik and Poland.
Common products are hold on stock in our finished goods warehouse.

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We do color formulations and matching of color shades for every range of temperature and field of application.

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Transfer paperof Tullis Russell

The transfer paper is on the one hand the substrate during the screen printing process and on the other hand the basis of the ceramic decal transferred in water.

Because of the different printing conditions the transfer paper has to be highly stable, exactly sized and continuous in quality.

During the industrial processing you can see the paper´s quality in its behavior when it is released and in the appearance of the fired article.

Decades of experience have brought this responsibility into the awareness of Tullis Russell. Because of consequent quality controls and further developments Tullis Russell has been the world´s most important supplier of paper for many years.

ProductSurface qualityWeightStack humidity
TRUCAL Advantage 175standard175 gram/m²57 %
TRUCAL Advantage 180Mstandard180 gram/m²57 %
TRUCAL Plus 175very smooth175 gram/m²55 %
TRUCAL Goldextremely smooth180 gram/m²55 %
PÖHLMANN has been the official sales partner for Germany, Czech Republic and Poland for already 20 years

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Media and cover coats

Our cover coats and media for screen printing are tailored to the production of ceramic decals and to the direct screen printing.
Additionally we have thinners and other auxiliary material for the decoration process on sale.

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Materials for model making and diecasting

Model making material

Our materials are used for making rigid and flexible models in the ceramic industry. Their good quality is appreciated by customers who have been using them for decades.

The systems (epoxy resin, polyurethanes and silicones) are available in different shore hardness degrees, viscosities and colors.

Diecasting material

Our porous diecasting material TC 96 combines an optimal filtration and a high compression and flexural strength to satisfy mould tasks which are getting more and more complex.

Often many thousand casts are made from the original raw body today.

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