The Pigments of COLOR-m

Anorganic pigments for glazes in:
Ceramics (wall, floor and floor tiles, stoneware, earthenware) and Enamel

The pigments of COLOR-m are produced by firing metal oxides and are characterized by high resistance, purity and stability in color.

The products are tested according to strict quality standards. These tests are done by methods tailored to the customer and his application field. The different characteristics of the glazes, the applications, processes, mixing formulations and firing cycles are some of the aspects taken into consideration. The resulting products are always compared with the agreed standards and are tested by the measurement of the colorimetric values making use of the CIELAB L,a,b system, with Δ E ≤ 1,0.

The characteristic of the color tone stability and color tone quality of the pigment is determined among other things by the grain size distribution. This is measured, optimized and adjusted for each product as a constant by means of a CILAS laser granulometer.


Pigments applicable until max. 1300 °C

BlackCr-Co-Fe (Mn-Ni)68186-97-0269-060-5R-101, R-102, R-105, R-106, R-110, R-111
BlackCr-Fe-Ni (Cu-Mn)71631-15-7275-738-1R-113, R-115
Black antimagneticCu-Cr-Fe68186-91-4269-053-7R-114
GreyZr-Si-Cu-Ni95193-95-6305-909-9R-150, R-156, R-157, R-161
New blueCo-Al-Cr68187-11-1269-072-0R-201, R-204, R-205
Cobalt blueCo-Si68187-40-6269-093-5R-206, R-220
BlueAl-Zn-Co68186-87-8269-049-5R-211, R-212, R-213
BlueCo-Al1345-16-0310-193-6R-216, R-218
BrownZn-Fe-Cr68186-88-9269-050-0R-321, R-324, R-325, R-326, R-328, R-329, R-3802
Dark brownCr-Mn-Fe68555-06-6271-411-2R-330
BrownZn-Al-Fe-Cr68186-88-9269-050-0R-341, F-4811
Chocolate brownCr-Fe-Mn-Zn68186-88-9269-050-0R-351
Indium yellowZr-V-In68187-01-9269-063-1R-401
Praseodym yellowZr-Si-Pr68187-15-5269-075-7R-407, R-408
Fir greenCr-Mg-Co68187-11-1269-072-0R-514
Leaf greenCr-Si-Co68187-11-1269-072-0R-520
Blue greenCr-Co-Al-Zn68187-11-1269-072-0R-523
PinkSn-Ca-Si-Cr68187-12-2269-073-6R-600, R-602, R-604
Iron pinkZr-Si-Fe68412-79-3270-210-7R-695, R-696
former BASF products

BlackCo-Cr-Fe (Mn-Ni)68186-97-0269-060-5F 10901, F 2904, F 2912, F 2955
Cobalt blueCo-Si68187-40-6269-093-5F 10517
BlueAl-Zn-Co68186-87-8269-049-5F 2508
BrownZn-Cr-Fe68186-88-9269-050-0F 2730
Praseodym yellowZr-Si-Pr68187-15-5269-075-7F 2214
PinkCa-Sn-Si-Cr68187-12-2269-073-6F 2302
Iron pinkZr-Si-Fe68412-79-3270-210-7F 2350

These pigments distinguish themselves by a low finess as well as a narrow particle size distribution

Pigments applicable until max. 850 °C

Rutile ocherTi-Sb-Cr68186-90-3269-052-1R-310
PurpurAu1345-24-0215-720-2P-293, F-3490, F-3850
Cd-redCd-Se-S58339-34-7261-218-1F-4529, F-4611