Your partner for ceramic pigments

We produce ceramic pigments in our location in Röslau since the establishment in 2010. Renowned companies of the ceramic branch and distinguished producers of enamel are among our customers. As a family owned company we rely on flexibility and reliability. We have got all the technical equipment and motivation necessary to constitute also for you a competent and safe partner for the future.


Competence in every field

Purchase of raw materials, production planning, order processing as well as business logistics and dispatch are organized centrally in our location in Röslau.

Customers are welcome to discuss the topical issues, problems and wishes in a pleasant atmosphere on the spot.

Short ways of decision for a smoothly and flexibly running business

Manufacture of ceramic pigments


The pigment compounds produced with controlled raw materials are fired in chamber ovens at a firing temperature of 1000°C to 1400°C and in cycles of up to 48 hours.


During the further processing jaw crushers, ball mills and jet mills are used to get a defined particle size range.

Afterwards, the pigments are matched according to customer requirements by using intimate mixers and screen plants.


Laboratory and
Quality Control

In our laboratory all incoming raw material is controlled for its quality and it is processed in the production only after its release.

During the quality control of the produced pigments particle size range and color values are determined and adjusted exactly. Basis is the consideration of the standards, mixing formulations and testing methods agreed with the customer.

Stock of raw material
and manufactured articles

By purchasing corresponding quantities of raw material a continuous production is guaranteed.

We are always able to respond to extraordinary quantities of demand