Responding to individual customer wishes


Color matching

We match colors in accordance with agreed standards and for the requests of our customers, namely for all ceramic fields of application (Wall, floor and roof tiles, sanitary ware, stoneware, earthenware) as well as for enamel.

In addition to the visual examination there is the presentation of the colorimetric values in the CIELAB L,a,b system. By means of a computer-aided and consistent filing of the individual color formulations we are able to guarantee a long-term supply with these pigments.

Formulating and matching color shades is our special strength

order processing

Short ways of decision enable a smooth and quick order processing.

Delivery dates and purchase quantities

Our stock of finished products and goods in process enables short periods of delivery to our customers. Concerning the purchase quantity we are flexible and we can deliver each scale – from 25 kg to some tons – in a short time.

Reliable deliveries on time